Renovate and Develop Historic Home or Building


Most of the historic building owners usually decided to sell their property due to lack of proper management. Selling their home or building is the best solution for them. But there are still some that are trying to renovate their property to use for some reasons or even remodeling it because they want to use it to live in or for leasing. Sometimes they tried to add something that can be more accessible and attractive as well as making it more durable that can take its longevity for more decades.

What are the things building owners must need to consider to develop their historic home instead of selling it and forget the memories from the past? In the first place of renovating, especially if you want to upgrade the property for your family, it is important to determine the family’s needs and budgets. You can have the additional space you need, such as bedroom, den, larger kitchen, storage or work area. If you are frustrated that every room in your house feels too small, a single room addition probably won’t alleviate that feeling – you’ll need to take on a large scale interior renovation to change the overall layout. In some cases, adding on an extra room that serves a specific function will satisfy your family’s needs.

There are other considerations some historical renovation project must need to determine. Gaining energy efficient features can be very helpful to preserve everything about energy sources on your property. Today with energy resources being depleted and the concern over the effect of greenhouse gases on climate change, owners of historic building are looking for ways to make their building more energy efficient.

This energy sources must take into consideration not only potential energy savings, but also the protection of the historic property’s materials and features. Any treatments to new construction or to starting the project must need to be evaluated first carefully before implementing them in historic buildings in order to prevent inappropriate alteration of crucial architectural features and irreparable damage to the certain property.

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Historic Renovation: An Old Time to a Modern Structure


From the past several years, there are old buildings that right now are not yet well-developed because of some unexplained reasons, such as being neglected by its owner or the owner doesn’t have time to manage it. Some historic buildings are already well-improved and are still active and functional that has been developed into a public structure, such as universities or schools, hospitals, chapels, museums, and some government buildings or department.  Some are still remain as the owner’s offspring’s home.

During the renovation project, maintenance workers and supervisors followed a strict policy that was put in place to protect the building’s historic materials. Using the right materials and right service in renovating a historic structure can be overwhelming.

As a consultant or contractor, if you want to make an old time building to a modern one, you must need to consider many things to make your historic project completely perfect. The first thing to do is get comfortable with the scope of the project, looking carefully at the structure of the house to see what needs to be done. The client must have a clear idea of how much it will cost to get to the level of finish that they are expecting. People often get carried away with their renovations, and their desire to recreate structure with more modest budget.

As a historic building owner or homeowner, to make your historic building great and perfect according to your requirements, you need to hire an architect with the right experience for the project you are undertaking. The architect will work closely to your project so must seek for an architect that can easily communicate with and be heard. Once the architect plan, and price are all order, then work can begin with a good, quality contractor. With these workers of yours, it is possible for your project to meet the desired modern designs and style you want.

Remember, in renovating your historic property, it is much better to consult it also with your loved ones to be involved in finalizing the decision process and to prevent serious problems.

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Outdoor Lighting to Consider for a Historic Restoration Project

Yes, it is said that restoration is defined as the act or process of accurately depicting the form, features, and character of a property as it appeared at a particular period of time by means of the removal of features from other periods in its history and reconstruction of missing features from the restoration period.

In the field of historic preservation, building restoration is one of the most crucial processes of accurately revealing, recovering or representing the state of a historic building, as it appeared at a particular period in its history, while protecting its heritage value. Restoration performance is done to reverse decay, or alterations made to the building(s). Its part can involve the replacement of outdated heating and cooling systems with newer ones, or the installation of climate controls that never existed at the time of building after careful study.

In restoration, the lighting or the electricity process is very important that illuminated our lives. Do you remember the different stories of ancient people who used torches in the dark and placing them in holders along a cave or a dwelling wall? Nowadays, we need to apply the importance of electricity to the various historic structures of our world to utilize the property to its potential with its various types of outdoor lighting.

When you are doing the different process in restoring, preserving or even renovating, especially if you want to gain the lighting application of the certain heritage building or structure, you need to consider diverse things to make the project perfectly installed or designed. You need to determine the different types, fixtures, styles and applications available in a range of price. Of course, when picking the right lighting can makes you perform challenges your creativity and leave you worries.

Other consideration you need to know is the best location where to install your lighting pieces. You need to know if these lightings are much better to place in a garage, driveway, steps or stairs, patio or deck, garden, pool or fountain, activity space or even in a pathway. Whether you want to locate them all in any parts of your heritage building, you need to inspect your property for electrical outlets or even hiring an electrician from one of the team of the historic restoration contractors you want to hire.

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Historic Structure Materials and Aspects

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It is said that heritage preservation is very crucial which can perform to preserve, conserve and protect buildings, objects, landscapes or other artifacts of historical significance. It tends to refer particularly to the preservation of the built environment, and not to preservation of, for example, primeval forests or wilderness.

Understanding the status of an old building is very important to determine the kind of historic preservation process or techniques to be applied. In doing this process of preservation, it is important about various methods of production and construction. You must need to consider the color, the size, shape, and texture of the historical project you are doing. One of the studies in preserving your heritage structure is masonry that usually studying the difference of various performances of historic brickwork. The main component part of masonry mortar, the lime or cement, reveals whether it was produced in a traditional or a contemporary manner.

A building constructed with the wood is one of the most important aspects to be considered in historic building preservation. It is a very different set of characteristics by considering the structural system log, timber frame, or balloon frame construction. Some usually use re-used or recycled materials used in early restoration projects. But there is going to be a problem if you don’t have any record was kept for a certain building to be preserved. It is going to be difficult to determine between the original materials to the house and later replacement materials.

One of the considerations is the exterior features for the building roofing systems because of the weathering and lack of maintenance. If earlier coverings were removed, the sheathing boards frequently provide clues to the type of covering as well as missing roof features. Other aspects must be considered is the flooring system and the walls. The flooring systems usually reveal other information about the interior, especially the furniture location, the use of carpets and floor cloths, and the finish performance that has been applied while the walls hold many clues to the building’s construction and changes made over time whether it is an interior part of the exterior one.

In addition, you must need to recognize as well the attics and basement, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other systems needed to this kind preservation process.

If you want to organize a kind of heritage preservation project, you can consult the Arizona and Nevada historic preservation experts of the Spectra Company at (800) 375-1771 or you can fax us at (800) 575-6862 so that we may examine them in advance.

Seeking for an Architect for your Historic Preservation Project


It is difficult and risky to do a historic preservation project without the right planning. Everything will be turned out into a serious problem if you will not ask or consult someone like a professional expert or an architect. Every architect has an individual style and approach. If you want to find an architect for your project, you need to consider various tips in picking the right architect for your project.

The first thing you need to do is to ask for a recommendation from your family, relatives, friends and neighbors. You can also check some realtors and builders in your area. Look for the names of architects who designed projects similar to your plans. You can also check with your local historical society or historic zoning board in your area. Call prospective architects and find out if they would be interested to your project. Ask if there is already a fee for consultation. Don’t forget to determine the philosophy design of the possible architect before you hire him/her. You can ask how long the project will take to plan your budgets well and discuss the possible fees and anticipated constructions costs as well. Don’t be afraid to ask his/her backgrounds. It is better to ask for references from past clients to make sure that he/she is really a great and skilled architect. You also need to look for your architect’s licensing and other credentials. Remember that a licensed and registered architect will have different knowledge and training than a certified building designer.

Because of the modern technologies, most of the historic landmark owners are usually looking on the internet because they want to look for some examples or images. But make sure that these are not scammers. Look for more details from their website to prove that they are really certified ones. In addition, you must need to choose someone you can communicate well with and can understand easily. Remember that you will work with your architect for weeks or for months.

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Historic Preservation Basic Information about Stucco

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Are you familiar with Stucco? Many of the people are not yet familiar with it, even though some of them already some basic preservation techniques of the history. Stucco has been used since ancient years by the ancient people, of course. What is Stucco? Does it have a big part in an ancient life?

Stucco is a cement plaster applied over wall and surfaces of the interior and exterior parts of a building. It is the plaster type material that is made from cement, sand and lime. It provides a hard, reliable, durable and low cost surface that requires maintenance and can be engaged to obtain various textures and finishes. Stucco can be applied over metal lath, a galvanized wire mesh used that must be covered to protect from rust.

Stucco is primarily used on mostly of the residential buildings and relatively small-scale commercial structures. Some of the stucco buildings that have been preserved in the United States are the historic structures like the Federal, Greek and Gothic Revival designs of the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. Even though, stucco building were especially prevalent in California, most of the places in the United States and in Canada have been revived the style of this kind of application.

Some of the historic project usually involves the stucco style where they can really feel the essence of ancient lifestyle. Commercially prepared stucco mixes can be an easy solution on your construction project. This is one of the main secret of some historic contractors in preserving a building by the use of Portland cement combined with hydraulic cement, masonry cement, plastic cement, hydrated lime, and fly ash, as well as with the use of a few cubic feet of plaster sand and some gallons of water. To know more about the exact amount of these substances, you must need to look for the guidelines of this project.

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How Old is Your Historic Property?

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Many houses nowadays are already ignored by the other homeowners and never thought anymore the value of their historic home. They don’t even attempt to repair or preserve its value that their ancestors did long time ago. Some of the houses already reached the age of between 50-100 years. How about you? Do you how old is your home where you are living right now? do you know its value?

Reminding the value of your home can be a great achievement and can still developing the investment of your great grandparents. How to know the value of your home and the years of its existence? More of the people right now based the value of the historic building to its long presence in this vast world from the first day it was build up to present.

Looking for your historic property age is quite risky but you still consider its importance to know how you will preserve it. Try to find and recognize the architectural style of your house. Examine the existing materials and the construction procedures used for your home. you need also to find out the history of your home by checking the property title and gathering the names of the previous owners. You can ask for the previous neighbor and anyone else who might be familiar with your house. You can ask the local historical society of your region.

These are just some of the ways about how to start the preservation process if you totally know the history of the certain landmarks you want to preserve as well as with its memories by knowing first the years of existence of your historic property. Preserving it, will be the best gift you can give to your home to know its birthday.

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Pointers in Historic Preservation Process for Windows

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In historic preservation, there are so many things you need to consider to make your project successful. Although it is very risky, you can settle the project if you really want to accomplish everything, even just in a very simple way. Most of the historic preservation consultants usually recognize diverse pointers and factors for the project as well as with the potential mistakes they can be encountering. Each part of the historic building can be very risky to preserve them perfectly.

One of the landmark’s parts that can frequently receive mistakes is the preservation process for the replacement of windows. What are the pointers do we need to consider to preserve your landmark? What are the common mistakes do we need to consider to avoid them performing on your historic project?

Most of the historic windows, especially the wooden one are continuously being torn out of homes nowadays and being replaced by contemporary products, such as metal, vinyl, double-paned, triple-paned, and argon filled. Even though these windows are very much efficient with some other people, they don’t even recognized yet, that there are some drawbacks or flaws that can be made them a bad choice.

If you could only imagine the wooden window that has been prolonged for how many decades were designed with some ancient people and until now are still alive although small damages have been revealed. If you will just preserve some of its parts and repair its damages, remodel it a little, maintain its essence with proper care, do you think it can be last again for how many years or even decades? Yes, it is possible. If you really want to preserve it, you still need to keep the meaningful part of it. Besides, coating with custom paints can be a helpful way to make your window reveal its true glow. Or else you can still put the same style of windows if these parts are totally ruined by harmful elements that we really cannot control, such as natural disasters.  But if you will provide good maintenance, you can definitely say that you are really preserving the important part of that historic building.

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Hiring a Historic Preservation Contractor

How can you find a better contractor for your historic building? What are the possible factors for seeking a right one? Some trusted and competent contractors, especially for heritage structures are quite difficult to find. Most of the landmark owners treat their places as examples of full living history and strive to save every architecture and design detail in its original state. It is crucial to hire contractors that can meet the requirements of yours when it comes to preservation. It means, when you hire a deserving contractor, you are also choosing the most qualified design in the history.

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All of the professional contractors have their own talents and skills. Most of them considered with various trainings and experience through particular attitude and a certain amount of dedications. Although it is a kind of risky job, but as a professional contractor, they don’t even care as long as they can figure out the true essence of the historic building they are preserving.

In selecting a qualified contractor, make sure that you will consider the factors such as the tendency or the magnetism of their services, their capabilities, and the value of the project. You need to determine if the contractor you select will be relevant to the project as well as to each other. You can make a research about them including their experience, pertinent details or backgrounds, visiting them online, or even checking their local organization or affiliates. You need also to find out if they have the ability about how they will approach towards the project, their interpretation of what kind of service they can provide, their availability, their custom ideas and techniques, and how they can manage the whole project. Make sure that they can meet your full expectation to prove that they really deserve to be called professionals.

Aside from these factors, you need also to consider your good working relationship with your contractors as well as with the other staff to extremely achieve the successful completion of the project.

The Spectra Company will probably help you in times that you need of historic preservation contractors. If you are having any doubts in choosing the right ones and if you want to make your project perfect, just leave it with us and we can meet the requirements you want.

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Historical Renovation Competent and Professional Contractors

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Renovation is very crucial, if you are considering the memories of the ancient people of your place or the place itself, especially your hometown. For many reasons, a family, institutional, and even private or public organizations create an image in their communities, and, most often feature attractive architecture.

As a contractor, engineering managers, and architect, you will experience lots of risky jobs that the project may offer a unique set of challenges. In planning and performing the project, the team must ensure the facilities meet the requirement or criteria that will earn a spot in your community and even in the whole region or country. You must transform the most primitive structures into functional with period details and fine craftsmanship.

Most of the professional historical renovation contractors use their understanding of period design and unique techniques to create the historic features of your home. As a contractor, you must be knowledgeable to handle renovation projects of all sizes, such as from the complete renovation of the most deteriorated structures to smaller scale projects like window, door, or wall construction and even the roof.

If you are seeking for a professional contractor or the historical renovation team, make sure that they know about how to specialize the project perfectly. The team you must choose is the team that is expert qualified personnel welt trained in the art and art of architectural renovation. Make sure that they also have skilled tactics and techniques, diverse experience to estimate projects accurately to provide maximum value, and knowledgeable in matching the texture, color, and form of the original structure must always be the priority on every historical project.

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To contact us to discuss the historical renovation project you want to be protected, kindly get in touch with us by dialing (800) 375-1771 or you can fax some documents regarding with the project at (800) 575-6862. If you prefer online, you can reach us by visiting our website or you can submit the details of your project to and our knowledgeable representative will probably contact you as much as possible.